U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Successfully “Goes Live" With Prodigo's Marketplace Solution

June 15, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA – Prodigo Solutions is pleased to announce that the Veterans Affairs (VA), the largest integrated healthcare network in the United States, with 1,255 health care facilities serving 9 million enrolled Veterans each year, has successfully launched Prodigo’s Marketplace as of Monday, June 8th. Marketplace is Prodigo’s flagship product and is a virtual e-commerce solution that enables maximum, sustained cost savings throughout the healthcare supply chain.

In a partnership with Liberty IT Solutions, Prodigo finalized the VA Supply Chain Master Catalog (SCMC) project and implemented Prodigo’s Marketplace solution as a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) for all of the VA medical and surgical contracted items. On June 8th the SCMC went live with a Prodigo Master Catalog that brings together supply chain data from across the enterprise to create a searchable, cloud-hosted catalog of over 97,000 VA-contracted medical supply items.

Ted Dagnal, Vice President of Government Strategy at Prodigo Solutions, reflected on the extensive work done by Prodigo, stating “We received multiple disparate data sources from several VA systems and ingested, harmonized, enriched and extracted the content into catalogs and loaded them into the Marketplace. We set up and configured the Marketplace to allow VA Users to access the content that is correct and relevant to their VA station or hospital.”

Some of the additional highlights from this comprehensive project included:

  • Single Sign on over SAML2, a new functionality engineered, designed and built to support the VA Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card authentication process

  • 508 Compliance, a new functionality built into the Marketplace that supports users with disabilities to interact with the system using assisted technology

  • Item Export, a functionality that allows users to add items to a cart and extract data from the system to share with colleagues and analyze the catalog content

Overall, this project enables the VA to continue to offer healthcare to its patients and gain access to the supplies necessary to do so.

About Prodigo Solutions

Counting more than half of the nation’s most prestigious health systems as clients, Prodigo has amassed one of the largest repositories of supply and services market data in the U.S. Its solutions resolve long-standing data problems, enforce product and services standards, optimize contract utilization and enhance the requisitioning experience of clinicians. Typically deployed as a performance-extension to ERP, Prodigo is foundational to value-based, clinically integrated supply chains.


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