Prodigo's Investors Reinvest into the Continued Success and New Technology Development Roadmap

November 17, 2020

Publication by Pittsburgh Business Times

What’s with all the news about Prodigo Solutions? Why does the Prodigo name keep popping up? Recent media interest could be about Prodigo investors reinvesting more funds to new technology developments that have supported health systems battle procurement challenges. Maybe media attention is around the spike of new customers in the Prodigo portfolio, with little to no customer attrition. If it isn’t any of that, it could be how various experts inside the company, ranging from Product Development to Data and Data Services, have written thought provoking pieces on how health systems and their supporting technology suppliers should implement higher standard business practices.

It’s hard to capture all that Prodigo is doing in one article, but Patty Tascarella from the Pittsburgh Business Times takes on the challenge of reporting Joe Mayernik’s, CEO of Prodigo Solutions, list of various initiatives.

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