Prodigo Solutions Announces Public Sector Milestone | Prodigo Solutions

December 18, 2018

Prodigo Solutions Inc. (Prodigo) is pleased to announce its successful completion of Phase I of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (FedRAMP) Security Assessment and Readiness Program. Prodigo has cleared this essential qualifying hurdle, meaning its pursuit of Authority to Operate (ATO) status —the next step— can now become a focus.  

With more than half of the largest and most reputable private sector health system clients in the U.S., Prodigo’s move into the public health sector is a natural path. The supply chain management values the company continues to deliver to the private sector directly translate to the same problem set faced by public healthcare providers, including: the need to drive data standards, point-of-service compliance and the ability to optimize the capture of contracted savings benefits.

Specifically, completion of Phase I of the FedRAMP Security Assessment confirms Prodigo’s ability to meet the government’s security requirements for cloud-based solutions that integrate with on-premise and other approved cloud-based applications. With the help of Grant Thornton, a leading professional-services firm, Prodigo has made meaningful progress that will ensure its ability to satisfy and often exceed the FedRAMP Controls.

About Prodigo Solutions

Prodigo helps healthcare providers dramatically improve the cost effectiveness of the products and services they buy. To ensure the capture of contractually negotiated benefits, Prodigo enforces health system standards by optimizing contract utilization and enhancing the point of service requisitioning experience of care givers. Typically deployed as a performance-extension to health system ERP infrastructures, Prodigo’s technology is foundational to enabling clinically integrated supply chains.  

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