Casting a remote care net for pandemic-driven logistics expansion

April 21, 2022

Publication by Healthcare Purchasing News 

Healthcare’s operational response to the COVID-19 pandemic intensified interest in what Healthcare Purchasing News calls “remote care,” or anything outside of a hospital setting, in much the same way that “remote work” represents anything outside of the office.

This migration also has been enabled by automation, electronics and information technology, including telemedicine.

Although healthcare in general has been migrating slowly out of the hospital setting for decades, the pandemic arguably accelerated the exodus, save only for the most critical, serious and triage-worthy of cases, including surgeries.

With the market-driven rise of retail and urgent care outlets and IT-related convenience (e.g., telemedicine) that were reinforced by pandemic protocols, healthcare as an industry has shown that delivering care remotely, while not yet perfected, may very well represent the future of general healthcare delivery.

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